Waymo is now operating in fully autonomous mode

Waymo is now operating in fully autonomous mode. WOW! 😀 (at least a few of them)

What exactly that means? To date, Waymo vehicles have been operating on public roads with a human test driver at the wheel.

Now, in an area of the Phoenix metro region, a subset of their fleet will operate in fully autonomous mode, without a human driver and only Waymo Driver(their system) behind the wheel.

That is a big step towards a society with self-driving car.

One of the reasons to belief that their fleet is ready for this driverless tests is that according to other recent news from Waymo, their Self-Driving system (also called Waymo) recently reached the mark of 4 million miles(roughly 6,4 million Kilometers), that’s right, 4 MILLION MILES  driven in the real world. It’s like driving at 60 mph for almost 8 years without stopping or as their said, almost 300 years for an average American driver to complete.

Source: Waymo

The most interesting about their news is the rate of the growth. For the first million it took about 18 months and for the last it took only 6 months.

Besides the real world testing, they have don2.5 billion of miles in their simulated world in the last year alone. They continue doing around 8 million miles daily.

Hope you liked it 😀

Sources: Waymo’s fully self-driving vehicles are hereWaymo’s fleet reaches 4 million self-driven milesHow simulation turns one flashing yellow light into thousands of hours of experience


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